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Huabing Zhao is a software architect, an Istio Member and an ONAP PTL. He has a solid experience in the information and telecommunication technology industry for more than 17 years.

Throughout his career, he has built a number of large-scale, cross-country software systems, most of them are still running in production.

He loves open source and has been contributing to various open source projects, he is a member of Istio¹, previous PTL of ONAP², the author of the Hugo clean-white theme³ and the open source project Aeraki⁴.

He also has strong interests in various technical topics such as Cloud Native, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Home, etc. He love sharing his ideas about these things in his blog.

Huabing holds a BSc in Computer Science and Technology from Chongqing University in China.

Currently, Huabing works as a senior engineer at Tencent Cloud and also wears the hat of PTL in ONAP open source project. For now, his main focus is to build a managed service mesh solution on cloud.

While he is free, he likes writing technical blog posts, watching movies, swimming, hiking, travelling and learning languages.

Feel free to connect Huabing at Github⁵ and Linkedin⁶, leave your thoughts in his blog⁷ or share your ideas by writing him an email.


Year City Conference Title Slides Video
2021 Virtual IstioCon How to manage any layer-7 traffic in an Istio service mesh? Slides Video
2020 Virtual CNBPS Istio 流量管理原理与协议扩展 Slides Video
2019 Chengdu Service Mesher Meetup What Can Service Mesh Learn From SDN? Slides
2019 Xi’an ONAP Workshop Service Mesh Practice with 5G Management System Slides
2018 Nanjing GNTC Service Mesh in Action with ONAP
2017 Santa Clara NAP Developer Forum MSB to Support Carrier Grade ONAP Microservice Architecture with Service Mesh Slides
2017 Santa Clara ONS Microservice Powered Orchestration Slides
2017 New Jersey ONAP Developer Event MSB Technical Deep Dive and ONAP Use Cases Slides
2017 Paris ONAP Developer Event Microservice Bus Tutorial Slides
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