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Online Lesson: Distributed Tracing with Jaeger, Kubernetes, and Istio

In this series of liveProjects, you’ll deploy distributed tracing to help an eCommerce company manage its new microservices infrastructure. You’ve just been hired by eShop, a rapidly growing company that adopted microservices due to the flexibility they provide developers. eShop is finding that managing and troubleshooting its ever-increasing number of microservices is a challenge, and so your task is to use distributed tracing to develop a high-level picture of requests across these microservices. You’ll implement distributed tracing using Jaeger, Kubernetes, and Istio. Each liveProject in this series can be tackled individually, or as part of an extended learning experience.

Enhance Istio Distributed Tracing with OpenTracing

Part 2: Enable Async Messaging Tracing with OpenTracing

In this post, we will continue to use the eshop demo to explore how asynchronous messaging, specifically Kafka, can be traced in Istio service mesh with the help of Opentracing.

Enhance Istio Distributed Tracing with OpenTracing

Part 1: Implement Fine-grained Tracing with OpenTracing

While evolving towards a microservices architecture, the biggest change is that the monolith application has been divided into multiple independent processes(or services), as a result, a method call between software modules now becomes a remote procedure call go through multiple services. A client request usually goes through a couple of or even a dozen of services in a complex microservices system, which makes it really hard to figure out w