LFN ONAP Beijing Release Developer Forum: MSB to Support Carrier Grade ONAP Microservice Architecture with Service Mesh

Santa Clara, CA, USA 2017/11 活动链接 讲稿下载


In this session, I’ll talk about the MSB Plan for R2 and Beyond. I’ll also discuss the OMSA(ONAP Microservice Architecture): the vision of ONAP Microservice Architecture to support Carrier-Grade requirements of ONAP Microservices, which includes Service Orchestration, Service Discovery, Inter-service Communication, Service Governance and Service Monitoring and External API Gateway.

ONAP Architecture Principle: ONAP modules should be designed as microservices: service-based with clear, concise function addressed by each service with loose coupling.

MSB Plan for R2 and Beyond:

  • Stability and Reliability: Reliable communication with retries and circuit breaker
  • Security: Secured communication with TLS
  • Performance: Latency aware load balancing with warm cache
  • Observability: Metrics measurement and distributed tracing without instrumentingapplication
  • Manageability: Routing rule and rate limiting enforcement
  • Testability: Fault injection to test resilienceof ONAP


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